Need Wall paper Ideas for Your Accent Walls?

Wall paper is any stuff used to cover and decorate any interior wall. Most people think of it as those tacky Wall paper you see at your grandmother’s house, but, hey! Things have changed. Nowadays you see it in retail spaces, homes, and hotels and probably don’t think about it. Today’s most modern designs are custom created artwork specifically for the space to be used.

Just like other things, Wall papers goes in and out of fashion. Over the past few years, Wall papers have become highly fashionable. Wall paper is a perfect idea for people looking to spruce their office space and homes. Wall papers are affordable staff and easy to apply.

wall paper ideas

The reappearance of Wall paper usage can be attributed to a growing trend in the use of accent walls. The technique is by use of a piece of Wall paper or a different paint color to highlight on the original wall. The features in living rooms and bedrooms and can be used to great effect. Let’s discuss some latest Wall paper ideas and trends.

Dark Wall papers

The dark colored Wall paper is exceptionally popular at the moment. It works well in most bedrooms and TV rooms. Dark colored Wall paper appears best when placed behind your bed’s headboard. Black Wall paper against boldly colored walls can work well to create a unique boutique style. Straightforward and stylish touches like this can make your bedroom and watch area feel like that luxurious five-star hotel.

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns come in a big way and are enjoyed and appreciated by homeowners from all age brackets. Refreshing stylish designs and the introduction of fabrics within Wall paper cuttings have helped in making the design attractive. If you consider going for a floral interior, then it is worth spending some extra cash on quality Wall paper. Cheaper versions tend to lack quality in the finish, and they deliver a less favorable result.


A pattern is everything nowadays. Plain colored Wall papers have in the long run become less fashionable as homeowners look to make original statements with their new Wall paper. The design patterns range widely. Take to note what finishing’s and furniture you have in your room since they need to work and match with the existing color schemes.

Traditional Look

Chick and modern looks are not for everyone.  Some people prefer a design which is more traditional. They might go for softly colored and classic stripe looks Wall papers. The designs are always timeless and work well in many rooms including bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. If you use this Wall paper in bathrooms, then some considerations need to be given condensation and how long the Wall paper will last.

There are many designs to choose from. The Wall paper design choices are entirely personal and should be made to match your needs. At the present world, accent walls are extremely popular and are a quick and easy way to liven up any of your rooms.

When choosing your Wall paper design, you will need to take into consideration the rooms existing furnishings and wall colors. Many people opt to take pic of their rooms with them when shopping for Wall paper. This gives an idea of what matches perfectly with the existing furniture.

Try to have fun with these Wall paper ideas. After all, who said decorating should not be fun!

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Creative Ideas for Wall papers in the Kitchen

Have you considered wall papering part of your kitchen? Wall paper adds a warmth and visual interest to an area, and it can help emphasize a theme too. I’m not talking about incorporating too much busy designs and wall paper that is overwhelming whenever you walk in the kitchen, but wall paper that can make the space more welcoming and warmer.

With kitchens becoming multi functional and larger, wall paper can be a great way to delineate part of the area. For instance, wall paper by the kitchen table help to mark that as an eating zone or wall paper by the two armchairs by the burner will mark that as a chat and chilling area of the kitchen.

kitchen wall paper

Kitchen wall paper helps in creating different moods and zones in a room. Wall paper helps tie the scheme together and create a visual focus on the room, taking your sight away from the mechanical gadgetry on display. The busy kitchen environment allows for the choice of the wall paper to be more energetic, bold and fun than in other areas in your home.

The kitchen is a ladies territory, no doubt, but few men cook too. With that, a woman tends to pervade her personality in the kitchen, modeling it to suit her ideas and taste. Some prefer minimalist or modern themes, while others go feminine or country. Here are great wall paper designs to match your kitchen.

Most women nowadays go for kitchens that reflect the classic and cozy country atmosphere. Wall paper that holds the warm countryside vibe includes toile borders and wall paper that display vegetable and fruit patterns. Images of grapes, berries or apples in a box are an excellent option for country wall paper border. Pictures of farm animals, herbs, teacups, cooking ware, bottles also hold for great country inspired wall paper.

Another perfect design for the kitchen is toile wall paper designs with French, Victorian and vintage themes. Old wall paper borders that show scenes from past days provide the kitchen with a unique feel and look. Checkered French wall paper border with excellent recipes is a fantastic design for the kitchen walls.

Modern kitchens require a taste of modernity. The Harlequin design display more modernity than any other kitchen wall paper. Harlequin wall papers are a preferred choice by interior designers who remodel sophisticated and contemporary kitchens. It is easy to manipulate Harlequin wall papers to match any theme as it is custom made. Squares, circles, leaves, medallions and brush strokes are great designs for modern and contemporary wall paper.

The faux finishing is a trend making some waves in interior design. With most faux finishes appearing in living and dens rooms, one can apply the technique on kitchen wall too. Though an actual faux finish painting may look good, wall paper with faux finish details is also pleasing to the eye. Additionally, table tops, cupboards, kitchen counters and other kitchen fixtures can be pasted with a faux detail to subsume a similar theme. Stucco and marbleized finishes are faux designs to enhance the kitchen.

Kitchen wall paper is an inexpensive and great alternative to complete remodeling a kitchen. For the wall paper to fit well, it must go well with other fixtures, lights, and decorations of the kitchen.

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Butterfly Wall paper for Stylish and Chic

If you are searching for a unique way to express your personality and taste there is no better way to decorate than by use of Wall paper. You can take a simple room and make it look completely different and stunning in just a few hours of practice. You can Wall paper a section of a room or an entire room, in a way that affects and alters the entire atmosphere of the room.

butterfly wall paper

When you use Wall paper, you can hide certain wall conditions that have cracks or other flaws. Wall paper can move a room from boring fell to a spectacular in a way that painting and other decorating techniques can’t do. You can change the functionality of a room by use of butterfly Wall paper. The Wall paper can make the room look larger or smaller.

The butterfly design Wall paper can give different effects. They come in different types and it is important to decide the design that suits your wall best. If you are decorating a small room that you want to give the feel of being large, you should pick Wall paper with small prints and designs on it. Here are different butterfly Wall paper designs to style your home.

The Art-house Enchanted Wings Citrus – This is a beautiful, lush children’s Wall paper. The design comes with glittery, floral butterflies all on a citrus background cover. The design comes in teal, pink and citrus colors. The butterflies are no bigger than a child’s hand.

Art-house Retro Collage Charcoal – The postage and butterfly retro Wall paper really is at the height of fashion, featuring a beautiful butterfly design in contemporary color of gray on a glossy flat background. Avoid the design in high steam areas as the “butterflies might fly away.” This fabulous paper is stoppable and cleanable. It goes with ease as its backing is wall friendly.

Debona Butterfly Pink – The butterfly Wall paper really is a pick of fashion, featuring a spectacular pink cute butterfly design in contemporary colors on a pink background.

Debona Butterfly White – Just like the Debona Butterfly Pink, the design features a contemporary color on a matt white background.

Fine Decor Dazzle Tree Black – This is a fantastic design and would look great in any room. An off print from the Dazzle black collection of  Wall papers.With its contrasting colors, the Wall paper adds the shine in any room. This adds a finishing touch to any room. With a floral design with silver glitter leafs and tree trails with cute butterflies on a black background, brings a summer feel. The design will make anyone look twice!

Grand Deco Rose Garden Teal– A one off print from the rose collection. This is a paste the paper Wall paper, which is easy to hang and is washable and has contrasting colors, adding that shine in a room.

Be the first out of family and friends to have this lifetime Wall paper on your wall. With this easy-to-clean Wall paper, your room will always have a homely, fresh feel.

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Bring a colorful change to Your Room with the Purple Wall paper

Whenever someone mentions the purple color, the mind always conjures up rich, flowing gowns, opulent deep purple fabrics and other extravagances. Purple is associated with power and luxury, wealth and grandeur.

Purple can be luxurious and deep or soft and delicate, making it a perfect choice for your home. Accent your living room or bedroom with a regal plum for the perfect amount of style and sophistication. For a unique feel, try patterns inspired by the environmental nature, such as light hearted butterfly collage or dainty floral wreaths.

Purple Wall paper, when matched with walls, will produce qualities of luxury, truth, authenticity and vision. Purple will always produce an emotional response. It highly encourages deep thought and introspective. It is a color associated with traditionally and aristocracy communications perceptions of refinement and quality. Here are great designs to match your taste.

Plain Purple Glitter Art-house

When you hear of plain, you don’t want completely plain Wall paper. Instead, match the plain with a touch of plain purple to capture the shade of the season just right. The design brings it to life in a full and elegant way. The glitter accents reflect and catch the light to create stunning and amazing sparkle effects that bounce all around the room. The design is a great choice for a bedroom.

  1. Flamboyant Purple Bliss

This is one of the favorite patterned Wall paper design. The bold, purple Wall paper attributes a noticeable floral design which is so eyeing. The large, all over print is such a great choice for giving estimates to a room whilst the plum, rich color scheme giving it vibrancy. This design is colorful and matches well in the living room.

  1. Silver Accents Create Lift

This is simple yet elegant Wall paper. The plain Wall paper is lightened up to life with silver undertones for a modern fresh new look. It is a great way to update the living space in your home. The design is perfect for a bedroom or a study room.

  1. Wild Tropical Dreams

This is high ranked patterned Wall paper in purple. The design features a dramatic tropical theme offering both vibrant and pattern mixture of colors. This luxurious purple is accented with a yellow and fuchsia for a powerful punch of color in any room. When placed in two walls, the design gives a welcoming addition to your living room.

  1. Passionate Purple Damask

The design never goes out of fashion, so it is no surprise to see it been recommended for any season. The beautiful print has an elegant look with a hint of femininity. With its silver and purple color scheme, it adds a warming touch great for bedroom choice.

  1. Holden Decor Pink Shade

The design comes with a cutting edge design with a heart symbol covered in flowers with quirky home messages. Its wood panel background makes it suit any room in the house. It is a design to always give a second thought. The finished design has flat fine finish with a magical heart design. The design would look nice in any room.

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