Bring a colorful change to Your Room with the Purple Wall paper

Whenever someone mentions the purple color, the mind always conjures up rich, flowing gowns, opulent deep purple fabrics and other extravagances. Purple is associated with power and luxury, wealth and grandeur.

Purple can be luxurious and deep or soft and delicate, making it a perfect choice for your home. Accent your living room or bedroom with a regal plum for the perfect amount of style and sophistication. For a unique feel, try patterns inspired by the environmental nature, such as light hearted butterfly collage or dainty floral wreaths.

Purple Wall paper, when matched with walls, will produce qualities of luxury, truth, authenticity and vision. Purple will always produce an emotional response. It highly encourages deep thought and introspective. It is a color associated with traditionally and aristocracy communications perceptions of refinement and quality. Here are great designs to match your taste.

Plain Purple Glitter Art-house

When you hear of plain, you don’t want completely plain Wall paper. Instead, match the plain with a touch of plain purple to capture the shade of the season just right. The design brings it to life in a full and elegant way. The glitter accents reflect and catch the light to create stunning and amazing sparkle effects that bounce all around the room. The design is a great choice for a bedroom.

  1. Flamboyant Purple Bliss

This is one of the favorite patterned Wall paper design. The bold, purple Wall paper attributes a noticeable floral design which is so eyeing. The large, all over print is such a great choice for giving estimates to a room whilst the plum, rich color scheme giving it vibrancy. This design is colorful and matches well in the living room.

  1. Silver Accents Create Lift

This is simple yet elegant Wall paper. The plain Wall paper is lightened up to life with silver undertones for a modern fresh new look. It is a great way to update the living space in your home. The design is perfect for a bedroom or a study room.

  1. Wild Tropical Dreams

This is high ranked patterned Wall paper in purple. The design features a dramatic tropical theme offering both vibrant and pattern mixture of colors. This luxurious purple is accented with a yellow and fuchsia for a powerful punch of color in any room. When placed in two walls, the design gives a welcoming addition to your living room.

  1. Passionate Purple Damask

The design never goes out of fashion, so it is no surprise to see it been recommended for any season. The beautiful print has an elegant look with a hint of femininity. With its silver and purple color scheme, it adds a warming touch great for bedroom choice.

  1. Holden Decor Pink Shade

The design comes with a cutting edge design with a heart symbol covered in flowers with quirky home messages. Its wood panel background makes it suit any room in the house. It is a design to always give a second thought. The finished design has flat fine finish with a magical heart design. The design would look nice in any room.

Source: Click Here.


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