Creative Ideas for Wall papers in the Kitchen

Have you considered wall papering part of your kitchen? Wall paper adds a warmth and visual interest to an area, and it can help emphasize a theme too. I’m not talking about incorporating too much busy designs and wall paper that is overwhelming whenever you walk in the kitchen, but wall paper that can make the space more welcoming and warmer.

With kitchens becoming multi functional and larger, wall paper can be a great way to delineate part of the area. For instance, wall paper by the kitchen table help to mark that as an eating zone or wall paper by the two armchairs by the burner will mark that as a chat and chilling area of the kitchen.

kitchen wall paper

Kitchen wall paper helps in creating different moods and zones in a room. Wall paper helps tie the scheme together and create a visual focus on the room, taking your sight away from the mechanical gadgetry on display. The busy kitchen environment allows for the choice of the wall paper to be more energetic, bold and fun than in other areas in your home.

The kitchen is a ladies territory, no doubt, but few men cook too. With that, a woman tends to pervade her personality in the kitchen, modeling it to suit her ideas and taste. Some prefer minimalist or modern themes, while others go feminine or country. Here are great wall paper designs to match your kitchen.

Most women nowadays go for kitchens that reflect the classic and cozy country atmosphere. Wall paper that holds the warm countryside vibe includes toile borders and wall paper that display vegetable and fruit patterns. Images of grapes, berries or apples in a box are an excellent option for country wall paper border. Pictures of farm animals, herbs, teacups, cooking ware, bottles also hold for great country inspired wall paper.

Another perfect design for the kitchen is toile wall paper designs with French, Victorian and vintage themes. Old wall paper borders that show scenes from past days provide the kitchen with a unique feel and look. Checkered French wall paper border with excellent recipes is a fantastic design for the kitchen walls.

Modern kitchens require a taste of modernity. The Harlequin design display more modernity than any other kitchen wall paper. Harlequin wall papers are a preferred choice by interior designers who remodel sophisticated and contemporary kitchens. It is easy to manipulate Harlequin wall papers to match any theme as it is custom made. Squares, circles, leaves, medallions and brush strokes are great designs for modern and contemporary wall paper.

The faux finishing is a trend making some waves in interior design. With most faux finishes appearing in living and dens rooms, one can apply the technique on kitchen wall too. Though an actual faux finish painting may look good, wall paper with faux finish details is also pleasing to the eye. Additionally, table tops, cupboards, kitchen counters and other kitchen fixtures can be pasted with a faux detail to subsume a similar theme. Stucco and marbleized finishes are faux designs to enhance the kitchen.

Kitchen wall paper is an inexpensive and great alternative to complete remodeling a kitchen. For the wall paper to fit well, it must go well with other fixtures, lights, and decorations of the kitchen.

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