Customized Gold Wall paper Just for You!

Why should one decorate his/her walls with gold wall paper? In the past, people decorated their walls with tired Wall paper designed by someone else and were a compromise between colors and pattern. Using the gold color, you can design unique custom Wall paper. It is such a great way to reflect your personality and style while creating the best pattern to enhance your decor and match your taste.

Live like a king and surround yourself with a touch of gold. The Wall paper can add luxury and sophistication to any room. Choose your design from a variety of best manufacturers on the field. The Wall paper has patterns ranging from stone and bricks to intricate floral designs.

gold Wall paper

Gold is a precious metal associated with luxury, and gold Wall papers are a no exception. Although the term to specify a wall covering can mean many things, a larger selection of Wall papers we will discuss will have a metallic gold aspect to their design.

Almaplast Wall coverings Gracious Grey – The gracious Wall paper comprises of a graceful stem and flower design in delightful gold and gray design. This adds the finishing touch to any room. With the touch of a gray color, the floral Wall paper will take you to a relaxed world and will always make you look twice. It matches well with a smooth vinyl finish. The paper is strippable and cleanable.

Arthouse Vicenza Black – Vicenza is the word that spring to mind. The beauty balance between the luster and matte textures of this amazing tonal damask will ensure your house exudes the best in luxury. It comes with a stunning design and luxurious style. The finish will make you have a second look.

Debona Sparkle Gold – The Wall paper is all about glamor. The gold glitter Wall paper is of utmost quality offering your walls that WOW effect.  With a lavish glitter feel, its rightness always reminds you of the bright lights in New York. Its backing is wall friendly and goes with ease on any wall.

The Erismann Stone Beige – It’s a Wall paper with a rocky effect. You stand no chance to constantly replace the walls. It acts like a fifth wall in any room. The textured blown vinyl paper is cleanable and strippable and is high quality looking Wall paper.

GalerieWallcoverings Gold – The finish Gold damask Wall paper decorate a beauty of nature in a delicately patterned make of gold luxury Wall paper. With its high characteristics, the strong, paper backed, paste the paste Wall paper, ties in as a high quality looking Wall paper.

Erismann Zephyr Beige – Zephyr Beige Wall paper has a tropical, western feel in a lavish swirl design in gold and cream. The design greatly matches with a smooth blown finish. The Wall paper been blown, it is easily cleanable.

Holden Decor Gold – This lavish gold heavy Wall paper attributes an amazing, all-over tree with glitter leafs designs. This design makes a room feel more luxurious and modern.

Grand Deco Damask Gold – With no doubt, the glitter in Gold Wall paper is a real act of class. The design is beautiful ornate damask with glitter, on a gold background.

Not all that glitters is gold! But with these amazing gold Wall papers, there is no doubt that gold glitters.

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